Program for Europakonferansen 5. mai 2021

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Om Europakonferansen:

  • Europakonferansen for demokrati og menneskerettigheter ble arrangert for første gang på Europadagen 5. mai i 2020 i Kristiansand.
  • Temaet for konferansen i 2021 er ytringsfrihet
    Kommunen ønsker å gjøre konferansen til et fast årlig arrangement, slik at byen får en fast møteplass som setter demokrati på dagsorden internasjonalt.
  • Konferansen koordineres av Kristiansand kommune
    Samarbeidspartnerne er Universitetet i Agder, Cultiva, Kilden teater og konserthus, ARKIVET Freds- og menneskerettighetssenter og Sørlandets Kunstmuseum
  • Konferansen arrangeres i samarbeid med Europarådet og støttes økonomisk av Fritt Ord og Cultiva. 

European Conference on 5 May Program

Support for democracy and human rights in the time of the Pandemic

Venue: Kilden Performing Arts Centre

The conference is convened on Europe Day 5 May 2021 to support democracy and human rights in Europe. It is the second year that a European Conference on this subject is being organized in Kristiansand. The Pandemic has aggravated challenges to democracy and human rights and has to be addressed. But the fundamental issues go further than the health crisis to secure democracy and human rights in Europe. Democratic participation and reasoned opinions are needed. Freedom of expression has been the most debated issue of human rights in recent years. In the last year more than ever. The conference program will therefore set a particular focus on this issue.

12:30 Welcome speech, Mayor of Kristiansand, Jan Oddvar Skisland
  European Hymn performed by Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra
  Presentation of the Council of Europe Banner from 1966 by youth representatives Maja Fleck-Baustian and Emma Lunden
12:45 Opening speech by the Speaker of the National Assembly of Norway, Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen
  Opening statement by Deputy Secretary General of the Council of Europe, Bjørn Magnus Berge
  Leadership of democracy and human rights in the time of the Pandemic: The impact of hate speech on democracy – the response of European institutions. Keynote Addresses by Director General Snezana Markovic, DG Democracy, Council of Europe and Director for Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights and Team Leader Louisa Klingvall, DG Justice, European Commission
13:45 Freedom of expression: A cornerstone for humanity and democracy

European Standards: Freedom of Expression in the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights. Keynote Address given by the President of the European Court of Human Rights, Robert Ragnar Spano  

The Swastika flying over the Memorial Site of Victims of Nazism – Burning of the Couran as part of a political manifestation. Can this be allowed?   Video footage; presentation of the cases by Historian Thomas V.H. Hagen, Arkivet Peace and Human Rights Center, and Adviser Kim Henrik Gronert, Multicultural Dialogue, Municipality of Kristiansand.

14:15 How is Europe managing Freedom of Expression?
  Reflections and suggestions on the challenging balance of rights and responsibilities. Keynote Address by Director General Christos Giakoumopoulos, Directorate General Human Rights and Rule of Law, Council of Europe.
14:30 Panel discussion:

Director General Christos Giakoumopoulos, Council of Europe Managing Director Kjersti Løken Stavrum, Chair of the National Commission on Freedom of Expression Director Kristine Storesletten Sødal, Arkivet Peace and Human Rights Center Former academic Director Atif Imtiaz, Cambridge Muslim College, UK.

Moderator: Senior Adviser Anine Kierulf, NIM 

15:15 Coffee break | Panoramic images from Kristiansand
15:30 Frontline for Media Freedom: The Council of Europe Platform to promote the protection of journalism and safety of journalists.

Keynote Address by fmr. Secretary General of the Council of Europe, fmr. Prime Minister of Norway, Thorbjørn Jagland. Followed by a panel discussion with the latter as well as Secretary General Christophe Deloire, Reporters Sans Frontières, Paris and Representative for Media Freedom, William Horsley, Association of European Journalists, Brussel.

Moderator: Political Editor Vidar Udjus, Fædrelandsvennen

16:30 The response of the next generation: Youth leaders discussing solutions regarding challenges of maintaining democracy and the importance and protection of freedom of expression. 

Kaposi Levente, president of the Socialist Party of Pécs; Hungary; 

Alice Bergholtz, coordinator of work on youth participation and organization in The Bureau of the Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ); Sweden

Nika Bakhsoliani, coordinator of work on access to rights in The Bureau of the Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ); Georgia

Coordinator of work on access to rights in The Bureau of the Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ), Henriette Hølland Grottvik, founder of Mangfoldspodden; Denmark

Emma Lunden, CEO of Bærekraftsfestivalen, Kristiansand; Norway Maja Fleck-Baustian, segment moderator and leader of Youth for Diversity; Norway 

Read more about the response of the next generation speakers here.

17:15 Concluding remarks: Conference moderator, Director of Culture Torbjørn Urfjell
  The evening program on 5 May is cancelled due to Covid 19 limitations.
  In addition to the Europe day, partnership activities/supporting events will take place 3-7 May. The same week the University of Agder is organizing a democracy and election week.
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