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Pre-school day care centres

There are many kindergartens in Kristiansand, which offers childcare for children under six years. The kindergarten is a good place to be and a good place for learning.

We are updating brief information about kindergartens in several languages. The information will be available from this site.

Kristiansand International School

International education is available from 1st to 10th grade through the Kristiansand International School. Pupils with parents from abroad are given priority when they live here for a limited period of time.

Kongsgård skolesenter

Kongsgård skolesenter is the first meeting with the Norwegian school system for children and teenagers that have moved to Kristiansand and do not speak the Norwegian language.

Tuition in the Norwegian language and social studies

Adult immigrants have a right and obligatian to participate in Norwegian language and sosial studies tuition.
Kongsgård skolesenter offers tuition in the Norwegian language and sosial studies in Kristiansand.

Leisure activities for youth and children

Kristiansand municipality operates a variety of leisure and cultural activities for youth and children in Kristiansand. The administration and leisure activities are divided into three geographical zones:

Samsen Art Centre (City Centre) and Leisure Administration

Several houses and rooms at the different locations can be rented by organizations or individuals for parties, meetings, courses and conferences.

Samsen Culture Centre

In Samsen Culture Centre young people can experience a varity of cultural activities and events. The Centre has studios for art, music, dance and film, seminar rooms and a concert hall which can be rented.

Samsen Culture Centre is a rebuilt slaughterhouse close to the city centre. It has a floor area of 6,000 square meters.

About 75 voluntary organisations and groups play an important role in the centre. Samsen also have a café and a daytime art school.

Contact information:
Tel:. 38 00 64 00
Address: Vesterveien 2, 4613 Kristiansand

Leisure Administration

Leisure Administration facilitate a diversity of cultural and leisure activities for children, youth and for people with special needs and particular life experiences. They run several youth clubs/leisure clubs and the content varies from club to club. All have multiple activities and courses in various cultural areas. For young people who like music and dance, many of the clubs have rehearsing, recording and dance studios.

Leisure administration is located near the centre of the town.

Contact information:
Tel: 400 01 906
Address: Vesterveien 15, 4613 Kristiansand

Kristiansand School of Music, Drama and Arts

Kristiansand School of Music, Drama and Arts is the place to be if you are aged between seven and 20 and wish to be creative after school hours.

The school's mission is to provide training in music, theater, dance and visual arts. You can learn to play an instrument, take theater or dance lessons, develop your interest within visual art, learn more about stage lightning and sound or maybe take a film and animation course.

In addition to weekly lessons, the school offers participation in various events throughout the school year such as concerts, performances, exhibitions, The Cultural School Day etc.

For more information contact:
Tel: 38 14 87 30
Address: Kongens gate 54, 4608 Kristiansand

Public Library

Kristiansand Public Library is situated in the heart of the city, right next to the Cathedral and the market. You can choose between nine languages; nor. Choose your language on the right side on top of their website. There are also libraries in Vågsbygd, Hellemyr, Flekkerøy, Søgne and Songdalen.

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Useful external links is the gateway to the public sector in Norway. The portal aims to help members of the public find public information and access public services more easily.

From, you can access the one-stop online service centre MyPage. MyPage offers citizens a secured interaction point with public agencies, presentation of personal data stored in public registers and the opportunity to submit online applications and notifications. presents information and services in Norwegian and English.

New in Norway is another site where ou can find information from the Norwegian government, about different services. 

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