Information to travellers arriving in Kristiansand

This page is for information that visitors to Kristiansand municipality might need in regards to the covid-19 pandemic or other medical issues.

If you get symptoms such as fever, cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell, sore throat or if you feel sick, you must call the Kristiansand Coronavirus hotline +47 94 80 90 41 to be tested.


Each person is responsible for checking the requirements for entry to Norway that apply for the country you are coming from. The information referred to on this page may be outdated due to changes beyond our controll. Depending on what country you come from, your vaccination status, if you have recovered from covid-19 in the past 6 months, and having the proper documentation you may need to:

  • Register ahead of entering Norway
  • Get tested for covid-19 prior to departure from your country
  • Get tested for covid-19 at your arrival point
  • Quarantine either at a specified hotel or somewhere else


Rules for coming to Norway

Information about travelling to Norway (in many languages) 

You can see information about entering Norway at Entry Norway

You can also call their call center at +47 33 41 28 70

Zarejestruj telefonicznie (polsk) Inregistrat de telefon (rumensk) регистрируйтесь по телефону (russisk) Registruokitės telefonu (litauisk)

Registration before coming to Norway

Individuals entering Norway from an area with a quarantine obligation must provide necessary information. If you are coming by ferry it is strongly recommended to register prior to departure from Denmark, as internet access onboard is expensive.

Register with Entry Norway here

You can also call their call center at +47 33 41 28 70

Zarejestruj telefonicznie (polsk) Inregistrat de telefon (rumensk) регистрируйтесь по телефону (russisk) Registruokitės telefonu (litauisk)

Get tested for covid-19 at your arrival point

Anyone arriving from a red, dark red, purple or grey country or region is as a rule of thumb required to take a test for the coronavirus upon arrival to Norway.

See above: Rules for coming to Norway

Arriving via private pleasure boat or other method

You must call the border patrol center at (+47) 38 13 63 10 and inform them as to what time you will be arriving. Please do this as soon as you know your arrival time.

You must remain on your boat until the border control has checked your registration details, and you have been tested for covid-19 if necessary. The test is free.


Information about quarantine and isolation (FHI)

When leaving Norway

Information about testing for covid-19 when leaving Norway (Norwegain language)

If you have tested positive for covid-19 

If you are sick with covid-19 or think you might have covid-19, isolate yourself from other people. You will be followed up by the Norwegian health care service. You can self-isolate at home, in a health institution, or elsewhere the municipality decides.

Medical treatment in Kristiansand

If you are ill and need medical assistance, call the local medical service at 116 117. In the event of critical illness, phone 113.

There are two emergency services locations in the area, see the map at the bottom of this page:

Emergency services in Kristiansand, Egsveien 102, 4615 Kristiansand
Emergency services in Tangvall, Tangveien 8F, 4640 Søgne

Corona Center telephone contact information

Telephone number: (+47) 94 80 90 41

The Corona Center phone is open:

Every day: 08.30 – 14.45

For general questions about covid-19 you can also call the Norwegian national hotline: (+47) 815 55 015

Drop-in Testing – Where and When?

Drop-in testing:

Mobile testing:

Monday-Sunday 14.00-16.00 - In a tent by the terminal building for ferries to Denmark, at Vesterveien 21. It is MedicSør who will do the testing, and they will use the rapid test only. The test is free. From November 1st 2021 the test costs 895 NOK.  

In quarantine or are you a close contact? If you are currently in quarantine or are a close contact to someone who is, please let the testers know before your test.

Private testing: There are other possibilities for drop-in Corona testing in private health care. Please see the webpage of the health care provider for details. Songdalen legesenter


Informasjon på norsk om å reise til Kristiansand