Local guidelines for Kristiansand

As of Monday 12 April, there are no local additional corona guidelines in Kristiansand. The infection situation in Kristiansand no longer requires stricter local measures than those that apply nationally.


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Kristiansand's local corona guidelines

Only the national rules and recommendations apply locally at the moment in Kristiansand. 

Continue with infection control measures 

Municipal director Camilla Dunsæd emphasizes that the repeal is far from an invitation to relax the requirements. 

- This is an unstable situation, and we must be prepared to be able to quickly make decisions on more intrusive measure. However, as the infection situation is now, we do not consider local regulations to be necessary, said the municipal director. 

She also pointed out that the national measures that apply now are already very strict. 

- It is important to emphasize that we must ensure a responsible opening. It is not back to normal, but is even more important now with routines to protect against infection. If we do this now, we may be able to avoid another shutdown later. We must take good care of the opportunity we have in Kristiansand right now. We must follow national rules and recommendations loyally. All companies who now reopen must also be careful to follow the infection control rules in the same way as the inhabitants do when we go to shops, restaurants and gyms, said the municipal director to the presidency. 


The repeal of the local rules in Kristiansand from 12 April means that those who live in Kristiansand can use fitness centers in the municipality. The gyms can also be open to those who live in other municipalities, if they are to use these offers: 

  • rehabilitation and training offered individually or in small groups with an organizer. 
  • individual training and treatment for which an appointment can be booked. 

Outdoor organized training and leisure activities for adults over the age of 20 are now allowed, and it is now voluntary to register when visiting restaurants. 

The national recommendation not to have more than two guests applies now in Kristiansand, but it will no longer be a criminal offense to have more than five guests at home or at a cabin.  

There is no change when it comes to birthdays for the same kindergarten or primary school cohort, parties are allowed. 

Smittestopp app

We encourgage everyone to download and install the Smittestopp app. This app uses Bluetooth and does not track your location, and does not put too much strain on your battery.

Information about Smittestopp in different languages can be found here.

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