Local guidelines for Kristiansand

There are some local corona guidelines that apply for Kristiansand at the moment. In addition, all of the national guidelines apply.


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Kristiansand's local corona guidelines

Until 13 June 2021, a local regulation applies in Kristiansand. A local recommendation on activities for young people is valid until 6 June.
Until 13 June 2021, the following is closed

 A. Gyms, with the following exceptions:

1. outdoor group training for those who live in the municipality. (The municipality recommends a maximum of 20 participants, provided that infection control rules can be complied with).
2. rehabilitation and training offered individually or in smaller
groups with organizer
3. individual training and treatment for which appointments can be booked.

B. Swimming pools, water parks, spa facilities, hotel pools, and the like, with the following exceptions

1. School swimming, organized swimming lessons and organized swimming training for persons under the age of 20 and swimming for top athletes.
2. rehabilitation and training offered individually or in smaller groups with an organizer
3. other individual treatment to which an appointment can be booked and where baths are part of the treatment.

C. Amusement parks, bingo halls, arcades, playgrounds, bowling alleys and similar locations.

D. Museums

E. Cinema, theatre, concert venues, and similar cultural and entertainment venues.

F. Other public places and businesses where cultural, entertainment, or leisure activities take place that bring people together indoors.

G. Trade fairs and temporary indoor markets

Public places and businesses where organized cultural, sports and leisure activities take place can be open to children and young people under the age of 20, outdoor activity for adults, and organized indoor and outdoor training for top athletes.


The Presidency has adopted amendments to the local Infection Control Regulations.
Until Sunday 13 June at 24.00 there is a ban on events.
It is not permitted to carry out events, cf. Section 13, except for:
A. funerals and ceremonies at graves with up to 50 more people present.
B. Other religious gatherings and ceremonies in houses of faith and belief, including
ceremonies in connection with weddings, baptisms, and confirmations, with up to 20 persons present.
c. Digital events with a maximum of five people physically present on the premises, in addition to performers and other necessary production personnel. This means that as long as one can keep the necessary distance, there may be an audience of five people, in addition to performers and organizers. This applies in the venue where the event takes place.
d. Outdoor training matches and league matches in the top two football divisions for men and women, with no audience present.
What is the definition of an event?
Gatherings in public places, or in premises and outdoor areas rented or loaned, including hotels, assembly houses, conference halls, and other halls.
1. Sporting events, including conference, cup, tournaments, and matches, but not organized training
2. Cultural events, including concerts, exhibition openings, opera, ballet, theatre, and cinema, but not organized practice, training, and rehearsals
3. Seminars, conferences, courses, member meetings, and other professional gatherings, including dining without serving alcohol, but not meetings or gatherings as part of ordinary work or teaching at school or university
4. Gatherings and ceremonies, including ceremonies in connection with weddings, funerals, baptisms, and confirmations
5. Private gatherings; gatherings for family, friends, and acquaintances or social gatherings in connection with work or school, including events after ceremonies, parties, and dining with serving of alcohol in connection with seminars, conferences, courses, and other professional gatherings.

Sports and leisure activities

It is forbidden to organize indoor sports activities for persons over the age of 20. The ban is valid until June 13. It is permissible to organize outdoor sports activities, provided that infection control rules are complied with.

The municipality recommends a maximum of 20 people for outdoor training. Infection control rules are assumed to be complied with. 

The same applies to leisure activities such as organized exercises, training and rehearsals for choirs, music bands and theatre.

Organized training for top athletes indoors is still allowed.

Digital teaching

Universities, colleges and vocational schools must keep their premises closed to students and students, in order that the teaching takes place digitally.

The same applies to premises used for courses in connection with study associations and ‘Kompetanse pluss’. Libraries and reading rooms in the premises can remain open.

Universities, university colleges and vocational schools can make exceptions to the requirement for digital teaching if access to the premises is crucial for students who are dependent on experiments or skills training that cannot be conducted digitally, and this is necessary to maintain the progression of the programme. This does not apply to study associations and ‘Kompetanse pluss’.

Regular teaching is permitted in smaller groups of up to 10 people.

This regulation is valid until 13 June.

Activities for youth

The recommendation has been extended by one week. It now applies through Sunday, June 6. The recommendation applies to young people in upper secondary school and for persons in lower secondary school and younger.

A recommendation should be followed, even if it is not regulatory.

The recommendation applies through Sunday 6 June.

The municipal chief medical officer recommends that young people in upper secondary school do not participate in leisure activities, organised sports activities and training at fitness centres until Sunday 6 June 2021.

Organizers are asked to postpone all activity for upper secondary school in the same period.

Parents and children in lower secondary schools and younger are asked to opt-out of activities beyond one or two this week. It is not possible for the municipality to categorically define what is considered to be too many activities, because it depends on how and with who the activity is carried out. The important thing is to prevent children from being in close contact with many others through leisure activity. If an activity is carried out outdoors with the same people at school and without close contact, it is considered safer than if it takes place indoors with other children from several districts and the children are in close contact. Organisers are urged to adapt their activities and to be flexible with children who opt out of their activities this week.

All other leisure activities must adhere to infection control guidelines designed for the various activities, such as sports clubs, churches or leisure clubs and youth houses.

In addition, those who are responsible must assess what activity they can take responsibility for maintaining

Assess how they can reduce encounters and close contact between people, such as; smaller groups, adapt the activity to a greater distance and consider whether it can be carried out outdoors

Avoid mixing groups, such as internal games and activity across age-defined groups

Please contact us if you have any questions about an event or need other guidance.

Upper secondary schools 

Public and private upper secondary schools in Kristiansand municipality shall be closed for Vg3 students (third year students). Teaching will take place digitally from 31 May to 4 June 2021.

Schools can make exceptions for students who have special needs for attendance.

The decision was made by the Presidency on 30 May. The municipal director has also been delegated the authority to extend the arrangement up to and including 11 June, if the infection situation requires it.

Face mask use

It is mandatory to wear face masks indoors in public spaces when it is not possible to keep one meter away.

The duty applies when it is not possible to keep at least one meter distance, in excess of short-term passing of non-household members. Face masks shall be worn in shops, in the common areas of shopping centers, in restaurants, in churches, and on other religious premises, on public transport and indoor station areas, and in premises for cultural, sports and leisure activities.
Passengers must wear a face mask in taxis. The face mask must be put on before the passenger gets into the taxi and should not be removed until the journey has ended and the passenger has exited the taxi. The obligation to wear a face mask applies accordingly to the driver when there is a passenger in the taxi.
The obligation to wear a face mask in the first subsection applies correspondingly to employees in places where it is not possible to keep at least one-meter distance from visitors. This does not apply to employees in places where other infection control measures have been implemented for employees such as the use of partitions, etc. in accordance with the recommendations of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.
This does not apply to children under 12 years of age. It also does not apply to those who for medical or other reasons can not wear face masks.

Waiting quarantine

If one person in the household has been in close contact with a person outside the household who is infected, the entire household must be quarantined for seven days.

If children change homes during the quarantine period, the new household will be covered by the household quarantine from the time the child enters the household. In special cases where a person has been in a very close relationship with a household that is in the waiting quarantine, the municipal superintendent can put the person in similar waiting quarantine if it is deemed necessary to prevent further infection.

Waiting quarantine does not apply to people who are protected. Also does not apply to protected household members in quarantine. 

The mandatory waiting quarantine requirement is valid until 13 June.


Home office

Employers must ensure that employees work from home as far as practicable in Kristiansand municipality. This applies from the start of working hours on Monday 31 May and until 13 June.

Guests at home or at the cottage 

It is forbidden to have more than five guests at home and in the cottage, with no more than ten people allowed in total including those who live together in the host household. For example, a family of eight people can visit grandma and grandpa.

This applies to guests inside or outside.

Birthday parties where all guests are from one kindergarten or primary school cohort are an exception to this rule.

The person who arranges the gathering is responsible for ensuring that those present are able to keep at least one meter distance to others who are not in the same household.

Guests elsewhere 

It is forbidden to gather more than five for indoor or 20 for outdoor private gatherings in a public place, or in rented or borrowed premises.

This applies, for example, birthdays, weddings and other social gatherings for family, friends and acquaintances. This also applies to social gatherings in connection with work or school, events after ceremonies, parties and dining with serving alcohol in connection with seminars, conferences, courses and other professional gatherings.

Restaurants can still host private gatherings of a maximum of 10 people.

Birthday parties where all guests are from one kindergarten or primary school cohort are an exception to this rule.

Public events outdoors

It is forbidden to have public events outdoors.

Serving of food and alcohol

The municipal chief physician Styrk Fjærtoft Vik has adopted amendments to the local infection control regulations.
The amendments apply from Saturday 29 May at 09:00 to Sunday 13 June at 24:00.
Restaurants that have a license pursuant to Chapters 4 and 5 of the Alcohol Act shall not exercise the license. I.e. there will be no serving of alcohol as long as the amendments apply.
In addition, existing measures will be continued:
Mandatory guest registration at restaurants

No exceptions for those who are vaccinated

Nationally the government has made an exception for how many guests vaccinated people can have, however this does not apply in Kristiansand, because of the local rule on how many people can come to visit.

National rules and recommendations

In addition to the local measures, Kristiansand follows the measures that apply to the whole country. The measures are divided into rules and recommendations.

The national rules are specified in a regulation. Violating a regulation is a criminal offense. The authorities also expect us to follow the recommendations because it is important to combat the pandemic.
On the blue button below you will find the government's updated summary page for all national rules and recommendations.
National rules and recommendations
These are divided into topics, and there are links to detailed explanations of all the rules and recommendations.
For example, the national recommendation on travel within Norway is located here. The recommendation also applies to residents of Kristiansand.
Keep in mind that it is always the strictest rules and recommendations that apply. This means that the local regulations with an injunction/prohibition apply in Kristiansand.

Good advice for keeping safe

Municipal chief physician Styrk Fjærtoft Vik reminds us that it is extra important to continue with good infection control habits when the reopening of the country is now slowly underway.

To get back to normal as quickly as possible, it is therefore important that we continue to do the small - but important - things that are incredibly important for as few as possible to become infected:

  • We stay home when we are sick
  • We meet as few as possible
  • We keep a good distance from others
  • We use face masks if we can not keep our distance from others inside
  • We wash our hands often and well
Smittestopp app

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