Local guidelines for Kristiansand

The corona guidelines in Kristiansand are based on the national ones. Here is an overview of corona guidelines for Kristiansand municipality applicable from 4 to 18 January.


(Flyfoto: Tor Erik Schrøder)

Municipal services

We encourage residents to contact us through our digital channels.

The Information desks at Tangvall, Nodeland, and Rådhuskvartalet are open as normal. Meeting rooms in the town halls will be closed until 18 January.

Kristiansand municipality is open and will continue to provide its services. As much as possible will be done digitally since many employees will be working from home.

Political meetings are conducted digitally.

Secondary schools (grade 7-10)

Secondary schools are at the red level. This means, among other things, that distance requirements in schools become stricter. This may lead to increased use of remote learning.

Any changes to schedules and attendance times for students will be posted on each school's website. In addition, parents and students will receive information through email and text messages.

Getting to and from school: Students are strongly recommended to walk, bike, or get a ride to school to ensure distance requirements on the school bus. Information about what applies to each school is posted on each school's website.

Primary schools and pre-schools (grade 0-6)

Primary schools and pre-schools are at the yellow level, as they have been for a while. Over the next few weeks, there will be extra focus on infection control.

Student internships in pre-schools and schools are initially postponed until after 18 January.

Child and family services

Child and family services will run as normal.

Cultural school

Kristiansand School of Visual and Performing Arts, Knuden, will have remote learning in this period.


The recreational centres will open after 18 January. Bua may at times be closed for equipment loans.


Sports facilities and cultural venues will not be closed by the municipality, but clubs are expected to follow national recommendations of delaying the start-up of activities.

Outdoor activities can be carried out if it is possible to maintain appropriate distancing.

Gyms and swimming pools are open.

Recreational activities

Kristiansand municipality expects teams and clubs who organise indoor recreational activities, sports activities, and cultural and religious events to follow national recommendations and to postpone these until after 18 January.


The Kristiansand Public Library, including its branches, is open as normal. However, in a situation where too many people are present in the facilities at the same time, the staff may have to stop additional entry temporarily.

Shops and shopping centres

There are currently no local additions to the national guidelines.

Restaurants and bars

Bars and restaurants will remain open, however, there is a ban on all serving of alcohol. The municipality will send out information to all venues on how this will be carried out.

Various activities and events

Please note that a maximum of ten people can be present at indoor events (exception: 200 in fixed seats and 50 at funerals).

When renting its premises, the municipality will allow for a maximum of five people at private gatherings.

Kristiansand municipality currently has a low rate of infection, but the situation can change quickly. More information on any new measures will come later.

Updated 6 January at 12:45 p.m.


The current Covid-19 status in Kristiansand entails that we follow the national recommendations and that we do not need stricter recommendations, rules, or measures than the rest of the country. At the same time, Kristiansand has an ongoing outbreak related to an event at a venue downtown that gives the need for a strict interpretation of the interim national recommendations. Kristiansand municipality, therefore, recommends that all indoor events in the municipality be postponed until after 18 January.

We kindly remind everyone to adhere to the national guidelines.

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